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The best way to understand the benefits of the LABL.IT system is to see it in action.

Use the instant-book calendar below to schedule a free 30 minute online product demonstration where we will take you through all of the features and functionality of the system.

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If you have any questions about the system or want to know more about how it might work in your organisation we’d fully recommend booking in on one of our free 30-minute demonstration calls. In addition we also have our FAQ section on the lower half of this page.

We appreciate that you might still have questions outstanding and so if you prefer all of our contact details are listed below.

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Alternatively if you’d like to speak with us then you can call us on 0800 047 2320

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

For costs view our pricing page here or if you’d prefer book onto a demo with one of our team and we can guide you towards the best option for your business. 

In simple terms it’s less than £1 per day to keep your kitchen, compliant, organised and efficient. So as soon as saves you just 5 minutes per day the system pays for itself!

What size kitchen can be used in?

Our system is deployed in everything from multi-site 30+ staff kitchens all the way down to single staff environments. If you create labels as part of your daily routine then can save you time. 

What prep labels are required by EHO?

The regulation around food prep labels is complex (and differs regionally throughout the U.K) however as a part of any kitchens HACCP procedures all pre-prepared food should be adequately labeled with Ingredient name, Expiry date, Prep date, Allergens and Staff member.

Can I test the system before I subscribe?

Yes! Book onto a demo with one of our team and we can set you up with a no-obligation 14 day trial. If you like the product then great you can keep your working test unit! Otherwise simply return it to us in the pre-paid postage box supplied. 

How does the unit save money compared to existing manual labels?

The software can decrease the time taken to create labels by up to 75% (using our bulk print functionality). Even with the initial expenditure and subscription cost, the unit will pay for itself within 6 months (based on a small-medium sized kitchen).

How much are your label rolls?

Our thermal label rolls hold approximately 180 labels per roll (40mm)/90 labels per roll (80mm) and at a low cost of £1.95 per roll we undercut any mainstream competitor that provide the same quantity of information per label.

If you were to purchase equivalent labels you would need both food-prep labels and allergen labels (or a single label that contains both). 

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the subscription at any time (unless you have purchased the Annual plan – in which case you can cancel at the end of the subscription year). You can log into you account portal and manage your account at any time or simply contact your account manager and we will make the necessary arrangements.

What are the upcoming features?

We are rolling out a phased deployment over 2022 of multiple feature sets. We currently run a single version of however throughout the year we will be periodically releasing new features and modules. For information on these upcoming features please speak to a member of our team. 

Still have an un-answered question? Talk to a member of our team…

Have a complex query regarding food safety regulation?


Here at LABL.IT we can help you with all aspects of commercial food labelling (both front/back-of-house).

We appreciate there are however, more complex instances and grey areas where the advice of a qualified industry expert is required. In these instances we would fully recommend the services of Hygiene & Safety Consultants (HSC).