The Labl.it hardware and software is packed full of features designed specifically to improve efficiency and ensure compliance.
Discover the Features of Labl.It
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Features and Functionality of Labl.it Device and Web Portal

The LABL.IT all-in-one system was designed by kitchen staff specifically for a commercial kitchen environment.

  Specialist label adhesive – Labels remain sticky in fridge/freezer whilst still being removable

  Unlimited number of saved products – Cloud based storage

}  2-Day Battery life – Device can be used whilst charging

  Fast setup / No training – Software designed for intuitive use  

The Hardware

Integrated Printer

The handheld device has in inbuilt 58mm Seiko thermal print head that prints directly onto the thermal labels (so no need for any printer ink or cartridges) and can print up to 70mm/s. 

WiFi or 4G SIM Card Connectivity

Connect to the internet via either the inbuilt WiFi adapter or insert an activated 4G SIM card if you wish to use the device remotely.

This remote connectivity option makes it ideal for use at festivals or outdoor catering events.

*4G SIM card not supplied

Super-clear 5-inch LED Display

Designed specifically for use in hospitality environments the 5.99″ HD+ touchscreen display has an 18:9 aspect ratio and a near 100% screen-to-body ratio.

Integrated 2D Barcode Scanner
The scanner allows the user to instantly reprint labels without the need for screen interaction. Ideal for fast/bulk re-labelling of walk-in fridges.

A professional 2D barcode scan engine
can scan barcodes in all directions, even when the barcode is damaged, scratched or stained.
Built for Hospitality

The device body is moulded in a protective and hygienic rubber surround and has been proven to withstand 1m drops in a lab environment.

Inbuilt Flashlight

Ideal for searching in the depths of the walk-in fridge, the super bright inbuilt flashlight makes finding barcodes and items easy, even in low light environments.

The Software

Label Printing Made Easy

Our proprietary software makes management of EHO compliant prep labels and Natasha’s law compliant labels easy.

Once programmed (see above video), staff can print the pre-saved label templates within seconds. No more manually writing labels by hand.

This gives your team the time to focus on making great food and less time on frustrating admin.

Super Fast Deployment

We’ve specifically designed the Labl.it system to work straight out of the box. You can have it up and running in your kitchen in minutes!

Let us demonstrate how in one of our online bookable demos.

Easy Label Re-Order

Within the app you or your staff can re-order labels at the click of a button. Following user confirmation we will then automatically dispatch a fresh box of labels to your specified delivery address. 

Always free shipping on both device and label orders.

We acknowledge that you don’t want to be paying over the odds or more than you do currently for labels. That’s why we’ve priced our labels to undercut any major suppliers equivalent product! *

*When compared to purchasing labels containing the same information e.g Expiry/Allergen labels or a combination of the two

Intuitive User Interface

A simple user interface designed specifically with hospitality staff in mind, the Labl.it system requires almost no training.

Give our system to even your most techno-phobic staff member and after a 60 second briefing they will be ready to go!

Cloud-based Data Architecture

No limits to the number of products/items that can be stored on your account.

Held on our secure cloud-based servers you rest assured knowing your data is secure and you have the ability to add and replace hardware with no concerns about your data being comprised. 

printer on kitchen worktop

We use LABL.IT in our Cafe for both Natasha’s Law labels and some back-of-house prep labels. Compared to the other larger more complicated options we really liked the simplicity of Labl.it. It’s just a simple tool done really well!

Sue Travis - Guests Cafe Owner, Derby

Web Interface Screenshots

The Labl.it Web Portal allows users to create, edit and delete both Prep (EHO) and Sale (Natasha’s Law) labels using an efficient and optimised user interface.

The web portal allows the task of label creation to be taken away from kitchen staff and managed centrally to ensure compliance across multiple venues.

label ecologi

We plant one tree for every label order.

We’ve partnered with Ecologi in order to play our part in offsetting the impact our business has on the environment.

For every label order placed we pay for the planting of a tree within a sustainably managed re-forestation project. This helps offset the paper used in the production of our label rolls.

Hand-held Device Screenshots


Our mobile app is built to ensure simple, easy and fast creation of both EHO prep labels and Natasha’s Law sale labels.

Using bold and clear colouring, the software has been specifically designed for use in kitchen environments.

label ingredients with allergens

For Sale Label (Front of house)

Natasha’s Law Compliant

  • Smallest legal font size whilst maintaining compliance

  • Bold and Underline functionality to highlight allergens within ingredients

Once created, all product data is stored on our secure secured cloud database allowing instant re-prints from any device at any location.

*Labl.it Device requires an active internet connection when in use

For Prep Label (Back of house)

EHO Compliant

  • Clear and bold expiry date for easy identification within the kitchen
  • Additional info including; printed date, item location (with dynamic expiry date rules), allergens and staff initials and fast re-print barcode
prep label printed expiry date

All product data is stored on our secure cloud database allowing you to reprint with a single tap.

*Labl.it Device requires an active internet connection when in use

Let us show you the incredible value LABL.IT can provide with a free no-obligation 14-day trial.

We are so confident that your kitchen will love using LABL.IT we offer a free 14-day trial to see the benefits it can bring.