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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace the label roll?

First pull the top of the orange lid towards you and then roll the lid backwards in order to open the label compartment. Labels should be placed in so that new labels are pulled from the lower part of the reel. Watch the video guide here

How do I order more labels?

From the main menu select the ‘Label Order’ button. From within this sub-menu you have the chance to specify the type and number of labels you would like to order. Labels will be automatically billed to your account and shipped to the shipping address given on account setup. Watch the video guide here

“I can’t get labels to print”

Initially check that you have a stable internet connection and that the device is successfully connected to the WIFI. Check that there are labels loaded into the device and they are correctly fed through the print head. Also please note that if you open the print lid during printing then you will need to reboot the device to reset the printer. Watch the video guide here

“The device isn’t turning on”

Ensure that the device is fully charged using either the supplied USB-C charging cable or charging cradle.

“The labels aren’t printing with correct alignment”

The printer device should only be used with the supplied label rolls. Our label rolls are specifically designed for use with the printing device. If 3rd party label rolls are used then this will cause print issues and will void the device warranty. Watch the video guide here

How do I log into my device?

*Please ensure to check your junkmail after signup*
After signup you will be sent two e-mails asking you two set two passwords. One of the emails will ask you to set a password against a location ID – this is the login used on the physical device.

The other email will ask you to set a password against your e-mail address – this is the password for the web portal
Watch the video guide here

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General Enquiries

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